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U-Turn From The One Way Street Of Drugs

Addiction to any vice can ruina person and destroy the family.A long term use of any drug may lead to physical craving. Physical dependence needs to be overcome to recover from the addiction.


Today with vast proficiency in the therapeutic management of signs of withdrawal,it is possible to treat this malady with an approach that is effective, inexpensive and accessible.One must choose a program that islong-term and medically recognized.Today de-addiction treatment is more accessible and focuses on lasting recovery and integration in the society truth about benzodiazepines.


Our aim is to undertakethe process of detox in a way that is really easy but effective.The body and mind go througha difficult and painful phase when the drug is withdrawn and the body starts feeling many negative effects.


That is a reason why most people give up treatment midway.By prescribingspecific medication the painful symptoms can be treated with quickhealing and recovery.The detox treatments available now can help them lead aregular life while undergoing the entire process.


Doctors will evaluate during the first visit, creating a customised treatment plan for recovery. This can be a simple one-day evaluation or be spread over many days,involving a thorough analysis of one’s situation.

Mostkinds of drugs can be easily conquered with good and effective management.
The approach to each patient’s care can be specific and will include medicines, counselling, therapy, community interaction, advanced toxicology and wisdom.


Narcotic abuse has become a rising concern asthis addiction is spreadingacross the world. Atargeted specificremedy leads to asafe and easyrecovery from this addiction.Another special task is in taking on the drug Sub-Oxone, which may involve a long and arduous fight.


Continuous use of prescribed drugs likeBenzodiazepine has destroyed the lives of many people. Such cases of abuse of prescription drugs may lead to extreme reactions if withdrawn suddenly.


But carefully supervised, decreasing doses of medicines with regulartreatment and counselling can lead to a safe and sustainable recovery.



Alcohol withdrawal can be really difficult and may lead to a healthcrisis. But the recoveryprocess is relatively simplerwith regular counselling as an outpatient. A new and controversial, psychoactive plant product called‘kratom’also leads to dependence.Its treatment is extensive and needs thesupport of experts.DXM, high potency cannabisor chemicalscan all be managed competently.

Real recovery needs long-term treatment and counselling apart from detoxification.Getting clean makes recovery possible.But first the mental health needs to improve with proper counselling.

Inclusion of family in the process


Addiction is a dangerous pattern, not just for the patient but also for the family and friends around them. With consultation and counselling made available to the entire family,members canunderstand more about the patient’s addiction. They will understand him better, learn to cope togetherto minimize negativity, identifysigns of relapse and fight the menace together.This will help them through this challenging time and allow them to provide the essential support to the family member. These consultations and counselling sessions are


U-Turn From The One Way Street Of Drugs


created according to the needs of patients.Everyone, whether alone or a group of peoplecan find a counsellor suited to their needs.


Extended Monitoring & Case Management


It is crucial to keep track of the patients’ progress during and after the treatment to see that they aregetting the correct treatment or if their treatment strategy needs any modifications. They needsustained focus care and long-termmanagement, withsympathetic care and support to get better. Patients benefit from psychotherapy aimed ataddiction, therapy or counsellingas all these are essential. They doneed all the assistance and counselling. Regular drug and alcohol testing are essential to help them stay on track with their objectives. The various methods of testing range from mouth swabs, urinalysis and hair follicles. They need to be re-examined regularly.


U-Turn From The One Way Street Of Drugs


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