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Medical Detoxification

The patients are always provided with the best possibletreatment. Medical detox is highly valuable and improves the chances of recovery. Withprecise medication, the treatment is inexpensive yet very effective.

Addiction Assessment

Addiction evaluation is a valuable tool. A clinical evaluation or Multidisciplinary Comprehensive Assessment Program is important so that treatment plans can be custom-made to one’s individual requirements.


Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Some patients may need MAT treatment facilities to provide additional help on their road to recoveryto make the addiction treatment process easier and comfortable.

Therapy for individual or group

Addiction therapy is essential for all types of patients. Motivational groups and recovery groups, provide the support one needs during the entire healing process.

Psychotherapy forAddiction

Psychoanalystsare experts in prescribing the right medication according to the patient’s physical and mental health and tailor it to the patient’s individual needs.These individuals need help withmany kinds of disordersand the psychiatrists are fully certified and can treat patients of all ages.

Post Recovery

A progressive addiction recovery education style allows individuals to get the best help possible in their quest for recovery and givesessential support that enables them in their integration back into the mainstream of society.

Stop smoking

Quitting smoking is not easy. Most people need specialized assistance to stop smoking for good. The counsellors can provide one with the impetus and counselling needed to quit this highly toxic substance and guide them towards a healthier life.

Gambling Addiction

This addiction is really dangerous. Individuals hooked to gaming often take chances with everything, house, family and money. They need a focusedsystem to treat their dependenceand help them become financially secure as well. The patients need customized treatment that helps them to beat the impulse to take chances with their lives.



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